Better Lemons was founded by Publisher Enci Box which launched in December of 2016 with a commitment to support LA’s arts and entertainment community with aggregated reviews, original content, production resources, and marketing services.

Better Lemons features the LemonMeter, a critics and audience review aggregator that rates theatrical productions from Sweet to Sweet & Sour to Sour.

Better Lemons will feature LemonAid, a production resource for artists that highlights the professionals that provide products and services to the industry.

Better Lemons is especially proud of the Brigade, 20+ talented writers that write from their unique perspectives on LA’s arts and entertainment culture.

Borne of necessity, Better Lemons fills the gap that was created when Bitter Lemons, owned by Box and two partners, found itself mired in controversy that resulted in the loss of partnerships, advertisers, and readership, bringing an eight-year run to an abrupt conclusion. Box fired the Editor-in-Chief and decided to reassess publication, thus deciding to archive the old site and start fresh with a new objective and tone.

Producers and publicists continued to reach out for assistance in promoting local productions and this, plus the encouragement that came from contributors, partners, and advertisers, encouraged Enci Box to start afresh, shedding the controversy of the past and refining the lessons learned, resulting in the newly launched Better Lemons.

In addition to Publisher Enci Box and Editor-in-Chief Steve Fife, Better Lemons features more than 20 writers who create original content on all aspects of the arts, from local theatre, dance, and comedy, to civic engagement, film festivals, the visual arts, and special events. Rounding out the team is Chief Operating Officer Stephen Box, and Chief Technology Officer Todd Lipska.

To contact the Publisher, email Enci at Enci [at] Better-Lemons [dot] com.

To contact the Editor-in-Chief, email Steve at SteveF [at] Better-Lemons [dot] com.