Art Shulman is a playwright who also sometimes directs and acts. Most of his acting is in his own plays, but the directors swear it’s because he acts good, and not because the director is told that if he or she wants to be hired that Art is attached as an actor. Art has written many full-length plays – comedies, dramas, and dramedies -- and asserts that he has had more new original full-length plays produced in the LA area over the past decade than any other playwright. (Of course, he may be exaggerating or lying, but so far no one has shown up to prove him wrong.) In addition to plays, Art has written a self-help book on relationships, a western novel set in the 1820’s, a children’s book, and a musical. He stopped writing graffiti just after his bar mitzvah.

When not involved in the theater world Art is a professor at California State University, Northridge.

Nun the Wiser - Laughter From the Trenches

This column features true and humorous stories occurring in theater, and I’m looking for theater-folk to contact me with their stories. They can do this by calling me at 818-782-4252 and telling me about the event, or emailing me.

After one Saturday night performance of my comedy, OLD BROADS CAN’T...

Laughter From The Trenches

I’m a new columnist to Better Lemons, and a very lazy one at that. I really want other folks to write my column for me.

The column is designed to feature true and humorous stories occurring in theater, and while I have a few stories of my own, what I’m...