Evan Lorenzetti is an actor, writer and director who has worked on the stage for more than 10 years. He continues to study acting, most recently with Jeanie Hackett, and is starting a production company. He is currently developing a musical called Dependent Youth and a solo show dealing with the hidden history of Los Angeles, gentrification and ghosts.

What To Do About Trump? Laugh or Cry? 7 Fringe Shows Have an Answer

Donald Trump (Harry S. Murphy) and Barrack Obama (Joshua Wolf Coleman) in Ray Richmond's play Transition.

Donald Trump has been ridiculed for years. He is practically a caricature onto himself – like the most extreme example of the Ugly American come to life. We have seen...

A Forgotten Master Reclaims His Legacy

There is a transcendent moment when the singers give themselves over to the song. They are not just singing, they are also revealing themselves, their deepest pains and most ecstatic dreams. Sometimes for a moment you can see them get lost in the music and become someone else.

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