Karen “Nish” Nishimura is an independent writer and branded entertainment producer. Nish has

produced web content and online marketing campaigns for Disney Online, Sony Entertainment,

Mattel and CBS. A music lover and passionate about jazz, Nish authored the biography of Don

Randi (Wrecking Crew session musician and jazz club owner) “You’ve Heard These Hands,”

which is her first published book. For articles and other published work from Nish, check out her

blog: https://nishsniche.com/

Who is Richard Cotovsky?

Who Is Richard Cotovsky?
The Orignal Superior Donuts.
CBS launched a new sitcom earlier this year titled “Superior Donuts,” which is and isn’t an adaptation of the play written by the Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Tracy Letts.  The sitcom version stars Judd Hirsch in the lead as Arthur Przybyszewski and...

A Modern Musical Shines Light on a West Coast Landmark

How “La La Land” is saving jazz in Los Angeles
In a recent interview, Damien Chazelle (Director of “La La Land”), said that his initial impression of Los Angeles being a cultural vacuum changed after he moved here from the East Coast.  He found that LA is a fascinating city,...