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Theatre 68 Celebrates 17yrs with Festival of Plays

In celebration of their 17th Year in Los Angeles, Ronnie Marmo and Theatre 68 are proud to present A Theatre 68 Festival of great works. Both the Mainstage and the Flex Theatre will be utilized for the festival, which will feature acclaimed works by Tennessee Williams, Sam Henry Kass, as well as several world premieres. read more here

Recipients of the 48th Annual LADCC Awards

Congratulations to all the recipients of the 48th Annual LADCC Awards. read about the winners here

Ralph M. Parsons Foundation awards grant to Fountain Theatre for outreach programs

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation has awarded the Fountain Theatre a grant for $14,000.00 to support the theatre's educational outreach programs.  The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation improves the well-being of the residents of Los Angeles County through grantmaking that enriches cultural experiences and active civic engagement. read more here

Ovations Profile: John Perrin Flynn of Rogue Machine Theatre

Since 2008 John Perrin Flynn has produced all of the main stage productions of Rogue Machine Theatre, one of 2017's most Ovation-nominated intimate theatre companies, which is competing with large theatres in categories such as Best Season, Direction of a Play, and a dozen or so others. read more here

Pasadena Museum of California Art exhibit offers more boldly immersive feminine perspectives on nature and the environment

“Has there ever been a better time to discuss women and the environment?”

So asks artist Constance Mallinson in conversation about “The Feminine Sublime,” an exhibit she curated that opens at the Pasadena Museum of California Art this weekend. Addressing themes of feminine perspective, environmental degradation and the artistic concept of the sublime, “The Feminine Sublime” upends preconceived notions of what constitutes landscape painting with bold, large-scale pieces by Mallinson and four other women artists based in Los Angeles: Merion Estes, Yvette Gellis, Virginia Katz and Marie Thibeault. read more here

Fake News and Healing Gems at Bob Baker Marionettes - Sunday January 28, 2018 @ 8:00PM

Enjoy an evening of punky exotica and puppetry, featuring Healing Gems, Fake News, and the world famous Bob Baker Marionettes! get tickets here


Save Music in Chinatown <3 Xu Ziyi

When we started our Save Music in Chinatown all-ages benefit matinee fund raisers five years ago, the idea was to build on the neighborhood's punk rock past to support the local public elementary school's music program. But a lot of other unintended stuff happened, too. Kids that can handle it have been exposed to underground culture and empowered by DIY. A real community of friends and supporters has grown around the shows. My family, which has roots in Chinatown, has been sucked into its culture and activism. read more here


Cleveland Public Theatre sure knows how to stage a big event

Cleveland Public Theatre plays a lead role in this story from American Theatre that looks at how nonprofit arts organizations can throw must-go fundraising events.

Fundraisers "are a necessity for any nonprofit, and there's an art to doing them well," American Theatre says. "But do they all have to be fancy black-tie affairs? How can theatres set themselves apart, especially in towns where 'society season' can mean your major donors are juggling invites to several galas within a short time period? What's the ideal return on investment? Is there something to be said for not having a gala at all?" read more here

How to Stage a Must-Go Gala

Dos and don'ts for making your annual fundraising bash rewarding, in all senses.

Like all parties, galas typically generate a healthy dose of excitement—and more than a tinge of dread. When you're a theatre company, your job is to literally put on a show—only this one usually includes dinner, a silent auction, text-pledging, and the bottom-line expectation of meeting a large monetary goal. read more here

The Woodlawn Theatre is once again for sale

The block that includes the homes to both the Woodlawn Theatre and Classic Theatre is back on the market. read more here

Alley Theatre Removes Director Of Upcoming Show Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

In the New York Times article, four female employees came forward with allegations of unwanted sexual contact, during Edelstein's time as artistic director at the Long Wharf Theatre, in Connecticut. read more here

Akron Civic Theatre leader, J.M. Smucker Co. honored with statewide awards

Akron Civic Theatre Executive Director Howard Parr and the J.M. Smucker Co. are being honored by the state for their commitment to the arts. read more here

Trafficking Survivor Raises Awareness Through Theatre

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (AP) — Trafficking survivor Penny Hoeflinger is telling the story of her struggle in a different way: Theater. read more here


London's Theatre Royal Haymarket goes up for sale

Owner says it is time to hand historic playhouse over to ‘next generation of dream-makers' read more here

More than 30 UK theatres at risk of being lost

Theatres around the UK are in danger of being lost for ever unless more local authorities start seeing them as opportunities, rather than liabilities, according to a new report. read more here

More theatre productions target babies

Several infants cry during the theatre performance and no one bats an eyelid. At least two mothers breastfeed their young ones. One baby grabs the hand of a dancer close to him, while another reaches up to touch the strips of tulle that hang overhead. read more here