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April is Arts, Culture and Creativity Month!

Better Lemons is going to Sacramento to join activists from all over California in celebrating Arts, Culture, and Creativity Month (ACCM) by gathering on Tuesday, April 23, at the State Capital to engage our elected officials in advancing the arts across the state.

Arts and Creativity Activists will be addressing these topics with our representatives:

  • Support Governor Newsom's permanent funding increase of $10 million for the arts in the 2019 budget
  • Position arts and culture as creative solutions to pressing societal issues
  • Ensure that all students have access to arts education
  • Position the arts as a positive economic influence in community revitalization
  • Support the Youth Poet Laureate legislation
  • Enhance legislation for California's Cultural Districts Program
  • Fund the California Cultural and Historical Endowment's Museum Grant Program

The campaign is led by Californians for the Arts and participants will be advocating for increased public funding for arts and arts education and working to ensure that arts, culture and creativity in California is valued, funded, and recognized for its social and economic impact on our lives, our communities, and our state.

The Senate legislation that designates April as Arts, Culture, and Creativity Month says it well:

WHEREAS, Arts are not only an impressive and important agent for economic development, but also impact societal issues that include health, corrections, housing, immigration, veterans, transportation and education; and

WHEREAS, It is imperative for all children and youth in the state to have access to arts education in their schools; and

WHEREAS, California is the fifth largest economy in the world, with a creative economy totaling $407.1 billion in 2017; and

WHEREAS, California employs a higher number of people in creative industries, such as architecture, entertainment, fashion, media, and publishing, than any other state in the nation, according to the 2018 Otis Report on the Creative Economy of California; and

WHEREAS, In a state as diverse as California, the arts serve to give voice to our many communities, spark individual creativity, foster empathy and understanding, spur civic engagement, and serve as a continual source of personal enrichment, inspiration, and growth; and

WHEREAS, State support for the arts, arts education, and cultural institutions is crucial in order to achieve equitable access to the arts throughout California; now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, the Assembly thereof concurring, That the Legislature recognizes April 2019, as a significant time to recognize and celebrate the arts, culture, and creativity of all Californians; and be it further

Resolved, That the Legislature designates April 2019, and every April thereafter, as Arts, Culture, and Creativity Month

We'd love your participation and your support!

Join us in Sacramento on April 23. If you can join us, please let us know so we can work together!

Email us with a message that we can share with our representatives. “How can our state government do better in supporting you and our creative community and infrastructure?”

Email us with a personal story of how the arts changed your life and/or your community.

But most of all, keep doing the things that you do that have made Los Angeles the center of the creative universe!

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