The Critics and Audience Choice Awards of Better Lemons


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As of this email, the critics and the audiences have spoken, resulting in more then 50 Hollywood Fringe productions receiving a Sweet #LemonMeter rating and 3 Fringe productions have received #DoubleSweet ratings (both critics and audience members agreeing on a sweet production).
The #LemonMeter ratings are based on reviews and as of today we have received over 1400 reviews.
It takes three reviews from critics or three reviews from the audience to generate a #LemonMeter rating.
To see the reviews of your show, find your page on Better Lemons by typing in the search box your show title. If you know of any reviews from critics that are missing, please let us know. Send the links with the name of each critic to [email protected]
The Better Lemons Awards, Critics' Choice and Audience Choice, will be issued on Wednesday the 28th, based on the reviews.
In addition to sending us any reviews from critics, you still have time to appeal to your audience and ask them to post a review on your page on Better Lemons. You can email them your Better Lemons show page link, and you can share this on your social media pages, or ask them directly via the Fringe site to copy and paste over their reviews.
Better Lemons supports the artists, by aggregating reviews, and awarding #LemonMeter ratings that range from sweet to sour. Better Lemons was at the Fringe every day and at every venue, talking to audience members and encouraging them to review shows. But with 100s of productions and thousands of audience members, we need your help in encouraging the audience to speak up.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Enci Box