Audience: Ronald Quigley


Doctor Zomba's Ghost Show of Terror

I have been a Stage Actor for over 18 years. So this review comes from the aspect of a theatre person. First off I want to say I had a ball! The old time ghost show theme works very well. I felt like I was a kid again. The lead Actor David M Baach who plays Dr. Zomba is superb although he breaks the fourth wall quite often, this is that kind of show! It's a magical spoof that is meant to be campy and fun, it's easy to get onboard when you have a pro like David M Baech at the helm. The writing is excellent and so sublime that you would think that the whole thing is ad-libed this show is five stars. The direction of Kevin Wetmore is fantastic considering that they are playing essentially in a black box theatre. If you want to have some fun and return to your childhood for about 40 min. This is your show I plan on going again!