Non-Registered Critics: Aaron E


THE OUTSIDER at North Coast Repertory Theatre

Director David Ellenstein keeps the farcical proceedings well-paced and the laughs coming with a sense of heart and warmth.

THE OUTSIDER is a very funny night at the theatre; if only real-life political absurdities were as easily finished within a few hours and after a lot of laughs.

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Good Boys

The acting throughout is solid, there’s good chemistry among the players, and the topics are ones that should stay in the public mind until at least some of the youth who live their lives without responsibility and consequences reclaim (or begin operating from) a sense of respect for others and simple morality.

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Sorry About My Friend

Music is used judiciously to punctuate joy and pain. Set changes show the passage of time, and involve a guy using a cell phone to illuminate the darkened stage and provide him with a checklist. Despite his impressive attention to detail, his adjustments so minor that when the lights go up they’re barely indiscernible. This adds some comedy to the self-proclaimed dramedy.

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I have seen many shows and productions and this is one of the best shows I have ever seen! Nancy Ma was captivating to the point where I would hang on her every word. Her performance was very touching in a human way while at the same time intensely riveting.

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