Audience: Amy Chin


A Bit Much

This was such an enjoyable show on so many levels. Stacy is a gifted story teller who takes the audience on an engaging and funny journey through her life experiences while being just a bit much. If you are a strong-minded woman who is just a bit much, or you know one (and we all do), or you just love to laugh, you will thoroughly enjoy seeing "A Bit Much". Stacy had the entire audience's rapt attention for the entire show. I LOVED it!



The Other Side of the Razor Ribbon

I was unprepared for the depth of emotion that bubbled up inside of me while watching this incredible one-woman show by Stacy Dymalski. At times, humorous, and at other times deeply moving, this story of emerging from the depths of despair through a most unlikely connection is one not to be missed. I sat riveted, and didn't want it to end. Bravo to Stacy! The original score by Derrick Dymalski was a perfect emotional blend that provided a beautiful backdrop to this true, inspirational story.