Audience: Alex Hack



This was a really wonderful and poignantly acted production that dealt with issues that are often ignored in discourses of race and police violence. The first half of the play portrays the aftermath of a police shooting (of a young black man in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn) amongst his family and friends. The audience is given a poetic "in" to the trauma and consequence of this kind of systemic violence. But once the audience is given the opportunity to connect with the story line and its characters the play shifts and the second act both phantasmagorically and directly deals with the too little discussed trauma inflicted upon black children when their fathers are murdered by the police and taken from them too soon. The play offers a unique perspective on matters of Black American existence and its often gendered implications and experiences. The performances given provide the audience with a both subtle and heart wrenching look into the fear and subjection that is inherently tied to black lives. I hope everyone has the opportunity to see it.