Audience: Allison Phillips


Masters of the Dark Realm


I’ve never been part of the gaming world yet I still love the Netflix series “Stranger Things".
Weird yet sweet, it embraces the importance of connecting with others…friendship through some shared passion that makes you smile and reflect on camaraderie you have in your own life. Tom Misuraca’s play “Masters of The Dark Realm” has that same sensibility in spades.

With the throw of the dice, the unexpected happens to many of us. Such is life and the double entendre “Masters of The Dark Realm”. The first meaning is obvious...the name of the game they meet various nights to play. The 2nd, well, you’ll just have to see for yourself. The story took a turn I was not expecting.

The underlying foundation of ANY get-together is fellowship, is it not? Within the layers of a geeky game gathering (those like me that never got into such games perceive it as such), people striving to connect got more than they expected….they grow up through circumstance. Art imitates life.
The layers of emotion we as humans endure is conveyed effectively by the 4 actors in the play. This is a result of not just good acting and writing, but obviously really good direction by Corey Chappell.
The characters have completely different personalities bringing their all to the table. Sharing their fervent love for the game, they meet in a cozy room for gamers put together by set designer Jerry Chappell. My favorite character was Brett (the first to elicit a hearty laugh from me), but I enjoyed all the actors equally. Like the kids in Stranger Things, these adults are obsessed.
But in life, there are times when sudden unexpected situations can make an all-encompassing game night crumble. Where then, is the friendship?
Perhaps you have friends you can call my 'music friend', my 'writing friend', my 'movie pal', 'work buddy', etc. When there’s an effort made to keep friendship alive after the initial reason you became pals falls apart (I can relate as I used to have a writing group), that speaks volumes for the people involved. I think many will relate to this.

If you like being entertained and also moved, this smart and sweet nerdy play is still here, but not for long.
Don't miss this! It only runs for a couple more weekends.