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Postponed - Show Up, Kids! Interactive Family Comedy

Marino immediately connects with the kids (and the adults, too!), and holds the audience entranced, carefully navigating a controlled chaos of awkward silences, silly bits (what he does with a juice box is fantastic), appropriately childish humor, and music.

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The Last Five Years: A Multisensory Experience is a show that has gone out of its way to have a toe in immersive waters, while keeping itself rooted in a straight forward (and excellent) re-working of the off-Broadway musical done in a familiar theatre-in-the-round style. And this production has taken it a step further, creating a sort of interactive sensory tasting menu that has been well thought out and made to be an explicit part of the performance and not just an adjunct...

While not an immersive show, outright, The Last Five Years: A Multisensory Experience is an immersive appetizer for the uninitiated and a sorbet for the connoisseur. Like a good tasting meal, you’re left wanting more, the literal smell of a fine time hanging about you.

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Captivated: You

They’ve created a show that rewards those that have invested time in the series lore, and I find myself a little tempted to play out a different path. Like Victoria’s and Ely’s in-show experiments, Captivated is clearly a labor of love, ambition, and more than a little hubris.

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    • La Vie En Rose with Julia Migenes
    • The Water Way - A New Musical by Brad Mendelson

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