Non-Registered Critics: Barlo Perry


Too Much Sun

Silver is a rare farceur whose work is always welcome.

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The Wolves

The excellent cast - directed by Alana Dietze - perfectly captures the arrogance and awkwardness of adolescence.

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Mac's 2014 play in its Los Angeles premiere at the Odyssey - is a wonderfully disturbing satire that imagines a long-abused family reaching its greatest potential by taking revenge on the abusive patriarch (Ron Bottitta),...

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The Glass Menagerie

In this gem of a production, the actors have been astutely cast by director John Henry Davis, and Tom's goodbye to his sister—“Nowadays the world is lit by lightning…”—hits with particular force.

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London Calling

For ninety minutes, from “Garageland” through “Gates of the West,” everyone in the room, onstage and off, is having a great time.

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Punk Rock

A difficult play requires a diamond-hard cast, and the players here are, to the last, exceptional...

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