Audience: Brett Moore


Tattered Capes

Tattered Capes is one of the finest shows Greg Crafts has ever written. I’ve seen a lot of his work, but for sheer personal force, character development and definition, and dialogue, this show is a huge accomplishment. Add in the unbelievable choreography and some of the best stage combat I’ve seen at literally any level of theatre, and what Greg, Soda Persi, Corey Lynn Howe, and their cast have accomplished is stunning.

The fight choreography in specific is certainly among the finest TU has ever seen, if not a standalone in that category, and the dialogue zips. The character work, definition, and development is strong, with one of the best villain turns I’ve seen, especially in an original, standalone work in a totally original universe. The show is also very aware of itself and its genre, and pokes loving fun at superheroes even as it tells a serious and moving story.


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