Audience: Britain Vanderbush



Shows like this can often either be hit or miss. We all know what it’s like to leave a theater with a feeling of lackluster and discontent. This show left us with NO such feeling! We left the theater smiling, laughing, and had so much to talk about on the drive home!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this show will only connect with you if you are a polyamorous individual. On the contrary. This is a show about relationships, communication, jealousy, honesty, and the desires that make us most human; things that aren’t exclusive to any type of relationship structure (but perhaps do play out better in some than in others). Polyamorous or strictly monogamous you won’t leave this show without feeling you’ve related to or connected with one of the characters and their journey.

The show was well paced and never seemed to drag. No scene felt like a throwaway. Everything had a purpose and played into something else, and I really appreciated that. The actors had such a great energy and played these parts so well and with such sincerity. One scene had me in tears and then laughing just seconds later. Any time I see a show that can make me feel like that I leave satisfied.

I just want to close this out by saying that good art is something that causes us to examine our stances and take a look inside ourselves to see what truly drives us in this vast human experience. This show left us with all the wonder of the external as well as all the internal introspection that looking at any truly great piece of art might make you feel. It all played out like a beautiful, funny, painful, and whimsical painting that could leave you feeling delighted, and maybe even changed after having seen it.

This whole production was something that my wife and I both greatly enjoyed and have been talking about to all our friends ever since. We highly recommend it and would gladly see it again.

Thanks, Mono/Poly cast and crew, for a great evening and performance. We loved every minute of it.