Audience: Cheri Pierce


The Second Coming of Klaus Kinski

Andrew...there are just not enough perfect words to tell you just how much we loved every moment...but here are a few kinda good ones...;) I thought you were truly inspired, wondrous and mystically magical. Every color of the emotional palette was explored, exposed and illuminated in ways I could not have predicted or imagined. You brought humanity and understanding to KK and beyond...imploring us to look into our own spirit to find the darkness and the light and learn what they can teach us. Thank You with all my heart for all you give and all you Are. Eric Johnson...thank you for *everything*... Together, you and Andrew (and all involved) have created something that is far beyond the mere sum of it's parts. Sheer Bliss...every moment on this roller coaster ride of laughing, crying, heart ripping, terrifying and death defying twists and turns had us begging for more. Bravo~!!! <3 xo