Audience: Christina Decker


The Bully Problem

My overall impression
A fast-paced, totally delightful show all the way through, with catchy tunes and oodles of jokes in both the song and book, expertly delivered by an enthusiastic cast of absolute pros.

What I liked
There are a ton of highly-specialized jokes speaking to “nerds” of all variations; even if a rare one happens to go whizzing over your head, someone else in the audience is laughing knowingly. Terrific, professional choreography and very creative set manipulation bring the black box stage to life. The tunes are catchy and clever, and the book keeps up with them. The actors all shine, particularly Jordan Mitchell-Love as Oscar.

What I didn't like
The 90 minute-not-a-minute-longer run time occasionally squishes a few story transitions into a line of dialogue where one would normally expect a scene or a song. Another 10 or 20 minutes might allow the show to fully breathe every beat.