Audience: Claudia Sussman


To Dad with Love: A Tribute to Buddy Ebsen

This show created by Kiki Ebsen was a deep long look at her dad,late TV/film actor Buddy Ebsen who most people know from his roles as TV's Jed Clampett on Beverly Hillbillies & Barnaby Jones..It was conceived by Ms. Ebsen when she discovered an old trunk of his mementos,not having realized many details associated with his early life in NYC & Hollywood,before his TV exposure..Film clips showing him dancing/singing with little Shirley Temple goes back to 1936. He was chosen as the original Tin Man in the 1939 MGM Wizard Of Oz,but had a serious setback before being replaced by Jack Haley..Also starred w/Audrey Hepburn in the Truman Capote film "Breakfast At Tiffany's" as the sad rejected husband.Kiki is very open regarding both the joyous & the unhappy events in their relationship,as she sings & dances the many songs associated with his events throughout the show including one of her own songs.A top band backs her throughout..She had help from her brother Dustin who worked with her to refine it, & her husband,Steve,working on sound & lights..If you have time she is extending the weekend performances until the last weekend in September..It's a closeup comprehensive glimpse at a past era from a daughter who wants to share her history and mostly that of her famous father's with her totally engrossed audience who gave her a standing ovation at the end he Sunday matinee when I saw it...You'll love this journey back in time from an intimate vantage point as only a close loving relative could narrate ,show tons of insider details and describe it in it's entirety with deep devotion.


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