Audience: Carrie Nedrow


Cat Sh!T Crazy...From hot mess to hot mama in four simple cats

What is not to love? Cindy takes the audience on a laughter and tears ride through the odyssey of being a frustrated human in Los Angeles transforming into a completely ready to take action and open to change adventuress. The writing of Cat Sh!t Crazy is clean, crisp and loaded with depth. Cindy's performance is wonderfully vulnerable, engaging, and often hilarious. The performance provides a behind -the-closed-door peek in how a pet-less person can become the crazy cat lady. If you have a chance to see it - don't miss it!!



It's Easier To Love A Cat

Laugh. A LOT. Nod with appreciation, and get out that hanky - you just might cry. "It's Easier To Love A Cat" takes you all over the emotional map - and the CATS! You are going to love the cats! Cindy moves from character to character with ease and honesty, making her storytelling incredibly compelling and captivating. The writing, direction, and production are seamless, allowing you to transition from moment to moment without any flaws. BRAVO Cindy!!