Audience: Collin Turner


Sight Unseen

A really nice and interesting piece of theatre presented very well by it's talented cast and crew. At times this show is hilarious, and at others is dramatically gripping, leaving you waiting for what moment will come next. Jodi Dennithorne will pull at your heart strings, Breon Bliss will crack you up, but also make you scared of what he might do next, Adam Wasser will make you want to be a blooming artist full of enthusiasm, and Holly Mckee Clark will make you question everything about German intent. If you want a great night out at the theatre, look no further. This production does everything great theatre should. It makes you feel, makes you laugh, makes you scared, surprised, and leaves you thinking about the questions it poses long after the curtain call. Bravo, Brava, bravissima and bravissimo!


    • Nick Rubando for Congress - Fundraiser at Three Clubs
    • THE ART OF DINING at the Gloria Gifford Conservatory
    • La Vie En Rose with Julia Migenes
    • BEFORE with Pat Kinevane at the Odyssey Theatre
    • The Double V

    Featured LemonAide