Audience: Cori


Tales From the Powder Room

I just watched the show yesterday and I am usually not one to post a review on things, but this play deserves to be mentioned, so if you haven't seen it yet, you should! It's a beautiful insight into the mind of several women and their ways of dealing with issues/feelings/experiences, that every woman can somewhere identify with. Though it is not a play for women only, I think it's quite interesting for men as well. The actors played their roles with conviction and raw emotions that made us laugh and sometimes cry (me and my sister, anyway :)) and I was particularly drawn in by the scene with the characters Georgia (DaVida Sal) and Kendra (Lara Helena), because Georgia's world was unfamiliar to me , so I was curiously watching, feeling sadness and anger and then the end....oh so just has to be mentioned. Thank you, Robyn Migel for writing this script and sharing it with us! ♥
Well done, ladies!


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