Audience: Courtney


Raised By Wolves

I LOVED this SHOW! What I deeply enjoyed about it was Marla’s storytelling narrative skills, her childhood innocence portrayed so sweetly, her sense of humor and self-awareness, the pauses and transitions in the different acts, and how it felt like everything that she included in her show was important and needed—-there was no fluff or any parts that felt unnecessary. I witnessed the range of her acting skills here and was so impressed! I loved how she dug deep into painful memories into her past and worked through them and yet somehow managed to wrap them up at the end without it seeming saccharine or insincere, the story really did feel like there was a happy ending continuing to unfold for Marla. With more amazing things to come! I couldn’t help but cheer her on!

A deeply moving performance and something everyone needs to see! This needs to be a movie!


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