Audience: Craig Taylor


Masters of the Dark Realm

You can never go wrong at a Force of Nature show and Masters of the Dark Realm is no exception. The gamers-gone-mad melodramatic comedy by Tom Misuraca is a whirlwind of vocabularic fun and farce mixed with jolts of reality as the five players slip in and out of their gaming identities and real world relationships in a desperate effort to make it all work out. Corey Chappell is a real life game wife and a clever director with a talent for pacing and choreography that serves the actors perfectly. Emotions run amok among the tight group of friends as they play their game and live their lives. The energetic cast works well together.
Noah Kaplan and Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm create a credible balance of opposites while Rachel Christianson’s layered performance is contrasted with the remarkably expressive work of Daisy Donohue. Brett Gustafson is as always just full of surprises. And thanks to all Misuraca’s Masters of the Dark Realm is a crazy clash of comedy and stark reality like none other you will find on a small stage in the Valley.