Publicist: Dan Ruth



An overall entertaining solo piece, featuring a strong performance by Kyle Durack. “Naked” works best when he is committed to the story and lost in his characters and in the moment. The result is a tale of life with disabilities and the beauty when one finds their outward and inner strength. Some fun comic moments, familiar characters and vivid imagery lift “Naked” to a higher level. The non-gratuitous nudity adds to the humanity and to the primal spirit that’s at the heart of this piece which takes us from the darkness of mean-spirited modern-day youth, through sacred fire and the light of a universal world of gods and goddesses and personal empowerment. “Naked” deserves much more than the 6 people (myself included) that were in the house last night, when just the night before, I was sitting in a sold-out performance of one of the worst plays I’ve ever seen in my life. Hollywood Fringe, take note: “Naked” deserves your time.


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