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Unemployed Elephants - A Love Story

“Unemployed Elephants” is fast-paced, fantastic, funny, smart and an ABSOLUTE must, must, must see! I'm not kidding, see this one if you see nothing else this season. It'll be the best show you've seen in years. When "Unemployed Elephants" is nominated, winning awards the world over, you'll get bragging rights for having been one of the first to have discovered it. Too much? I don't think so. There aren't enough accolades to bestow on this laugh ‘til your sides ache play to do it justice.

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Koushik, the lead and writer of this piece, is charismatic and really cute. He brings a sense of “all-rightness” to nudity that may be offensive if done by a different actor...The staging was done very well, and thank you lighting tech person. I didn't blush once. Tasteful with its nudity, "The Naked Yogi" addresses the clashes to opposite cultures and political views.

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