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Between Riverside and Crazy

Overlooking the Hudson River, in a spacious apartment on Manhattan’s posh Riverside Drive, a collection of broken souls has gathered to seek refuge if not redemption in Stephen Adly Guirgis’ dark comedy, “Between Riverside and Crazy.”

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Wrapping the vagaries of romance around ethical examinations of soulless scientific advances is a tall order, presenting Garrett and Coleman a challenge to make us understand the moral decisions they are making and still relate to them and care for them as real human beings. It’s a testament to their acting skill that they largely accomplish both tasks.

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Deftly directed by Rebecca Wear, Suh’s story becomes a larger story than the personal interplay between the two individuals, expanding to touch on America’s long and wretched racial history...

We are left with a universal immigrant’s story, especially poignant at this dark juncture in our nation’s history, as Afong is denied even partial membership in American society at the same time that the Chinese culture wrenched from her grasp fades from her memory as the decades of her virtual slavery slip past. Her increasingly haunting decades-skipping reports to the audience draw a bright line between past racist ugliness to today’s pervasive immigrant bashing.

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