Audience: Holland VanDieren


The Rescued

Loved The Rescued, which aptly delivers emotion without resorting to sentimentality or cliches. The storyline is straightforward, compelling and genuine. The characters' portrayals aren't too “on the nose,” which makes them fresh and intriguing. Without a drop of preaching, the show conveys the concept "animals are people too" (trivia: that's the original motto of The Fund for Animals, founded by cleveland Amory in 1967.) I laughed, cried, and enjoyed every minute. My one quibble is the musical numbers (except for Jason's masterful singing and guitar) : the director should decide if they are to be polished and pro or honestly simple. My vote would be to drop the karaoke and sing the songs plain, raw, and real, either a capella or with a simple piano accompaniment.




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