Audience: Edd Benda



Bring a date, friend, or maybe your mother if you’re feeling bold. MonoPoly opens up a conversation that is enriching and a tremendous opportunity for self discovery. Whether the polyamorous lifestyle is for you or not has no bearing on your experience at this show as it explores topics that are universal in all relationships ranging from passion to jealousy to the importance of honest and communication. Brian Reynolds direction is clear and poignant through the considered staging and slick transitions. While the characters occasionally flirt with caricature, the cast finds humanity and nuance in their performances that render them relatable and a joy to watch. Go see it with an open mind, and give yourself the space to have a conversation afterwards. You might just learn something about yourself.


    • La Vie En Rose with Julia Migenes
    • Nick Rubando for Congress - Fundraiser at Three Clubs
    • TAP DANCING MY WAY TO THE NUTHOUSE at The Whitefire Theate
    • THE ART OF DINING at the Gloria Gifford Conservatory
    • The Double V
    • BEFORE with Pat Kinevane at the Odyssey Theatre

    Featured LemonAide