Audience: Ervin Fang


Masters of the Dark Realm

As a patron of the Arts, this play is of the highest production value for theater of any kind: community or Broadway! Entertaining visuals! Engaging story writing! Simply stunning visual effects, costumes, direction and of course, spot-on acting! Truly impressive! On par to mainstream theater companies, and with broad relevance and appeal.

There is significant societal relevance in the story & plot, which belies my unfamiliarity with the title's gamer associations. It's a story about growth, interdependence, and the inner strength we all have within us. We are not defined by how we appear, but how life challenges us and forces us to evolve.

One can always see remakes/re-productions of a familiar dramas, but watching original shows which should reach national preeminence is on the cutting edge of the future of theater. This is historic theater in the making!

Thank you for bring me on this journey!