Audience: Ellen Snortland


Sex Rated G

I loved Sex Rated G for so many reasons. It has a message for any woman with a pulse who has been in the "world." While there's specific Hollywood back-drop, I brought two people who had nothing to do with theater or Hollywood in general and they related to Ms. Verlo's candid, unflinching look at how her looks were keys to the kingdom and also, the source of suffering. In this time of #metoo, #timesup, what about the women who through their own agency, did "sleep" with someone for her own reasons? Why is it that we think that only men have a sexual drive? Women do too and their way into an adult sexual life can be complicated out in the "market." And yes, Ms. Verlo makes the "market" very clear and truly despicable in the classic sense of a dominant class dangling dicks and carrots to "lead" women on... Females are stereotypically manipulative, right? Men are too and they don't get called out on it. I would urge you to bring husbands, sons, and brothers to this as well as wives, daughters and sisters. This is a family problem and Hollywood arguably is the source of a lot of our gender confusion and pain. Go see this sweet show. It's heartfelt, full of talent and it's a pleasure to see Verlo's acting chops, which are considerable. Hollywood's loss is our gain. My only argument is that there are plenty of women 50 and over who are sexy and once we shift ageism, there may even be anecdotes of women over 50 who are propositioned for a quid pro quo star turn. Kidding!