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The Sunshine Boys at North Coast Repertory Theatre

This talented cast works hard but never really rises above the material. Neil Simon may be the king of punchlines and some really touching dramatic comedies, unfortunately THE SUNSHINE BOYS proves that sometimes you need more character development and less punchline to make a comedy work.

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As good as the vocals are though, the focus on the concert performance means that the character connections and relationships feel lacking, making the declarations of love and the betrayals less impactful overall.

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ANASTASIA is a family-oriented, musical fairytale of historic events, and is an entertaining show that plays well to its audience.

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Amadeus at North Coast Repertory Theatre

Excellently directed by Richard Baird the leads and the talented ensemble let this play unfold, letting the tension build to its inevitable and justly earned conclusion...

AMADEUS is a fascinating portrayal at a murderous musical rivalry that is every bit as delicious as the dessert Salieri enjoys – you don’t want to miss it.

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Another Roll of the Dice at North Coast Repertory Theatre

ANOTHER ROLL OF THE DICE is a lovely return visit to the GUYS AND DOLLS universe with some fun characters, romance, and lovely songs.

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    • La Vie En Rose with Julia Migenes

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