Audience: Erin Martinez


Doctor Zomba's Ghost Show of Terror

I saw this show (during preview week) with some friends and I admit I went in with pretty mediocre expectations (it sounded like an episode of an Elvira Halloween special I watched as a kid). It ended up being the very best show I've seen so far! The performers (and/or writers) didn't take themselves or their theme too seriously — they didn't try to disguise the obvious campy-ness of the script and props but rather played it up (like the hilariously delivered overly-dramatic warnings about the scariness and danger of summoning the spirits). Of course there's no Magic Castle level illusions, but the actor who played Dr. Zomba really connected with the audience and made even silly “magic” tricks surprisingly entertaining (and I admit some of the sleight of hand baffled me despite how close I was). The audience was really into it and laughed pretty hard and I was actually disappointed not to be chosen as the winner of the dead body. The dancer was captivating despite the “trance” state in which she supposedly performed her “Dance of the Damned” (and where can I get that thigh-holster knife sheath she wore? Very sexy!). The cameo by Dracula was hilarious and the fight scene between the two main characters got a huge laugh (and if you don't know what that music is — shame on you). I was surprised how good the effects looked for the summoning of the dead at the end too! There are a lot of shows to see at the festival but I'll probably be back to this one again.