Canceled - More Guns

Though not the funniest show I've seen at The Second City Hollywood, it was definitely one of the best produced, directed, rehearsed, and performed! The cast is great - Caroline Thrasher is amazing! Phillip Labes and Christina Schon are excellent as well!



Love, Locs & Liberation

Excellent! This show was better than I'd hoped it would be from the fun music that had me bobbing my head before the show even started to Ella Turenne's enthusiastic, energetic entrance. This spirited pep kept a smile on my face throughout except when Ella treated us to intimate heartache and hardships in her life which she presented with pure vulnerability and grace. Ms. Turenne superbly transformed into each and every character. She nailed accents and personalities and made each one distinct. We really got to know the people in her life. I also enjoyed her spoken word performances. What's more, the show taught me a few things I didn't know before seeing it. One of my few critiques is that I wish she had taken time with some of the tiny moments, but if she didn't change a thing, the show would still be fantastic! Also, she mentioned the term “Good Hair” while portraying her brother and I wish she had taken the time to expound on what that term has meant and means now in Black communities. That said, I understand the challenge presented therein and perhaps there was the issue of time.