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We are a Film, TV and Theater production company based in Burbank, CA focused on developing and producing original works from new and upcoming artists. We like to work closely and passionately with local musicians, writers, cinematographers, and artists of all walks of life in developing and refining their ideas with a goal of producing and distributing them to the world in a variety of avenues. Feel free to check out who we are and what we're up to using the tabs above. There is ALWAYS something happening here!


Swiftly directed, solidly staged, and honest and bravely performed, TABOO II delivered a raw, provocative, and thought provoking night of theater. Bravo and thank you to the entire team behind TABOO. Well done!




All I have to say is that after I laughed so hard and probably pulled a muscle or two from it, I left the theatre with tears in my eyes and love in my heart. Bravo and thank you Matt and Jim for a truly magical hour of theater! Matt wrote the wackiest and most hilarious script about producing theater in LA I’ve ever seen. Carefully and deliberately directed and crafted, this show had me rolling in my seats and somehow managed to touch me in a way I was not expecting. Absolutely loved it.



Crack Whore, Bulimic, Girl-Next-Door

A truly honest, raw, beautiful, funny, and heartbreaking story of a woman’s life as told by 3 incredibly talented and brave ladies, playing the same role, and one brilliantly funny and man playing all the men in her life. Bravo Crack- Whore, Bulimic, Girl- Next-Door! Thank you for a beautiful night of theatre. Do not miss this! It’ll stay with you!

Gloria Galvan, Lisa Blake Mitchell, and Michelle Danyn’s chemistry is wonderful as they shine and deliver incredibly funny moments detailing hilarious experiences growing up in playwright Marnie Olson’s life while also turning in some gut wrenching and painful ones during lower points in her life. Director Jennifer Chun astutely weaves the night to keep the show moving while perfectly unfolding the ups and downs of Marnie Olson’s poetic, honest, and beautifully written script. The set, projections, and props were simple yet effective in supporting the story.




WOUNDED is an incredibly real, moving and powerful piece that must be seen. If you've ever cared for anyone, you will understand it completely and find it relatable. Kerry Kazmierowicztrimm's script balances the complexity, care and challenges of these people's lives beautifully and with levity in the right places. Jessie Holder Turtellotte, Kyle Felts and Scott Kuza move us and hold our attention with from beginning to end with love, intensity and humanity. Bravo to Liz Lanier for directing this piece with a watchful eye and tender hands. Do not miss WOUNDED.


    • La Vie En Rose with Julia Migenes

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