Audience: Kyle Billings


Doctor Zomba's Ghost Show of Terror

Our group was very excited to see a Ghost Show after seeing some seances and bizarre magicians at Dickens Festivals and such. I love that they wanted to go with a campy vibe, unfortunately, the tricks didn't fit a Ghost Show and the actors clearly were not experienced magicians. This could have been one of those "so bad its good" situations, but the show and jokes devolve from there. My buddy's girlfriend wanted her money back, and I couldn't blame her. The night we went there was a malfunctioning effect in the seating area, so someone kept walking through the 30 person house talking to patrons and trying to get them to grab the element. This wasn't part of the show and was a bit distracting considering how small the venue is. I also noticed that pictures show a juggling portion and needle through the arm portion which were not performed when we saw the show. Maybe it was a REALLY bad night, but it seemed like the show just needed actual magicians and some better writing.