Audience: Gabriela Venegas


Houses Without Walls

Houses Without Walls is a very moving play that invites the audience to peek into the loneliness, hopelessness, and ultimately, despair felt by the ones who stay behind after children and loved ones have left to another land. Without knowing from their daughters, the mothers engage with each other, sometimes finishing each other's sentences; other times, telling off on one another. The use of sound, light, the women's steps, stirring of the lemonade, and the sound of rocking chairs accompany the narrator and the dialogue, setting the passage of time. Rodriguez Drissi wrote and directed a play about Cuban mothers and daughters in the aftermath of the Mariel boatlift; yet, anyone going through separation, the ensuing lack of answers, and paralyzing feeling of life stopped at the tracks could relate. The actors do an amazing job of giving life to a very rich play. Kudos!


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