Audience: Gabriella Hoffman


To Dad with Love: A Tribute to Buddy Ebsen

This show! I usually don't go to see a performance more than once. I have seen this show four times.
This incredibly multi talented artist will take you on a magical time travel, dazzle you with her skills, and I mean SKILLS. Story telling, playing multiple instruments, dancing and singing. Her voice draws you in, softly will wrap around your heart. She is genuine, and her love of her Dad is inspiring. The show is performing art at its finest. A true professional, her beauty is equal to her talent. You are in for a wonderful treat seeing her live.


    • THE ART OF DINING at the Gloria Gifford Conservatory
    • The Double V
    • TAP DANCING MY WAY TO THE NUTHOUSE at The Whitefire Theate
    • Nick Rubando for Congress - Fundraiser at Three Clubs
    • BEFORE with Pat Kinevane at the Odyssey Theatre
    • La Vie En Rose with Julia Migenes

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