Non-Registered Critics: Gerie Rhosen


Fallen Saints: Salem

This play is wonderfully acted by a strong ensemble cast...

It is worth seeing and hopefully will return later for more audiences to experience. I would recommend checking out their future performances as well.

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Standing On My Knees

Mr. Olive has provided us with a wonderful roadmap of the devastation and frustrations of mental illness. He is an award-winning playwright and wrote this one in 1981.

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It is a show that will remind you of the perseverance of the human spirit bundled with a lot of soul. Starring two wonderful and very talented actors in the demanding leading roles, the action never stops. Chas Mitchell and Samantha Mallory shine independently and together. This is a production well worth the price of a ticket.

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The Mouse Trap

Despite having been done so many times before with unparalleled success, it is this show that felt fresh and engaging. Once again, this ensemble of actors is above the fray and it is worthwhile to experience this production. It doesn't really matter how many times one sees a show or experiences theater, it is always a new take, a new angle, and a new energy that makes the process worthwhile.

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NOSFERATU, A Symphony In Terror!

It is beautifully choreographed and adapted from the original German 1922 expressionist horror film of the same name. As the Crown City Theater promotes this entry into the festival this year, we appreciate their artistry and dedication to making this production available for audiences to experience. This haunting show definitely highlights the festival's theme of celebrating freedom of expression with an artistic vision unhindered by any governing body. It is well worth seeing especially for fans of this genre.

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The actors romp and yell around the stage with twisted stories that are hard to swallow. This is the basis for this dark comedy and it is worth seeing, exploring and sharing with your friends.

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