Audience: Jared Hernandez


Tales From the Powder Room

Tales from the powder room was great! It showed the very real struggles that women go through every single day and had such an important message that women need to encourage and build each other up instead always tearing each other down. There were very honest and vulnerable moments on stage that as a guy gave me a glimpse into a woman’s perspective and made me think about how I can be better man. The women in this play did such an amazing job. Go see it! The acting was so natural. I especially liked Kamri Lin and Burgandi Phoenix’s scene. The message of their scene was not to tear each other down to get ahead. That women need to stick together. Strength in numbers. Kamri Lin was so natural in her moments. You could see her taking in the information from the actress across from her like she was living it for the first time. She took her time and responded honestly and with purpose. Really looking forward to seeing her in future projects.



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