Audience: Jay Carson


The Masher

The Masher runs the gamut of emotion with finesse. I know I wasn’t the only one in the audience laughing, crying, and gripping the edge of my seat! The writing is clever and witty, and the cast really does it justice. The dialogue is very relatable and real, and Jasmine fearlessly tackles very topical subject matter in a sensitive way but takes no prisoners—if you didn’t walk out thinking a little more critically about how women are treated in our country, were you even paying attention? The story shows us brief moments but the overall arc is easy to follow along, but still leaves you in suspense.

The hour long format and black box setting leaves me wanting more. The story deserves a full-length format and full set.

The Masher gives us a glance into a Black Mirror-esque dystopia which we see from the side of a mundane factory job and a small clutch of well-developed characters who bounce off each other beautifully. Funny, horrifying, and heartbreaking in turns. I’ve already reserved a ticket to see it again and I can’t wait!