Non-Registered Critics: Jeff Heimbuch


God: The Apologies Tour

Honestly, while somewhat loosely structured and full of improv, this was one of the strongest Fringe shows I have seen thus far, and one I very much enjoyed. They Played Productions have created something fun out of an incredibly simple concept.

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Wood Boy Dog Fish

Overall, Wood Boy Dog Fish really blew me away. I truly loved it, and would definitely recommend it to people looking for a fun, new twist on Pinocchio. Kudos to the entire Rogue Artists Ensemble team on a job well done. Don't miss this run, as who knows if and when it will be back again.

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For those looking to extend their Halloween season a little further, Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin is a great thing to do. While not scary, per se, there are moments of extreme creepiness that are sure to satisfy your haunt bug. A wonderful story, great acting, and amazing set design definitely make this worth your time.

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