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Señor Plummer's Final Fiesta

This, off the page experience of tall-tales will take you down paths of adventure, romance, laughter and even horror. Get ready to travel through the vivid world of this story first hand – it's one wild ride! Rogue Artists Ensemble, are known for their extraordinary use of mixed media. This includes larger-than-life puppetry, shadow play, and extraordinary masks, just to name a few. Señor Plummer, along with its predecessors, such as The Kaidan Project: Walls Grow Thin and Wood Boy Dog Fish, does not fail to once again bring their trademark colossal theatrical style, to the stage. The set design is epic; the colors are so vibrant you feel like the paintings of cacti must be prickly to the touch, and the oranges overhead look ripe enough to eat. The musical numbers, sung by incredibly talented actors, serve to draw audiences into the festivities! Every element of this show is a spectacular feat.

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