Audience: Jesse Merrill


Gun and a Motel Bible

I loved this play. "Gun and a Motel Bible" was very well done and did a great job in many aspects of storytelling. It balanced content that could have come across unfavorably or hokey, but was instead extremely articulate and rational. The writers took an interesting idea of an encounter between a man at the end of his rope with the embodiment of the Bible. Instead of this being a preachy didactic morality play it became a intricate, layered exploration of human nature, brokenness, jaded resentment, and epistemology. The content was incredibly well thought out executed. It had tremendous ebbs and flows in the tensions of relationship that was infused with delightful banter and humor. I thought the actors were wonderful in humanizing their characters while contrasting them from each other with such distinctiveness. In spite of their differences they showed growing affection for one another while constantly trying to persuade and investigate deep questions. Overall, I left the theatre challenged and charmed. I highly recommend it.