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Edgar Allan Poe

Duffy Hudson commands the stage as master of the macabre Edgar Allan Poe in this one-man-show at the Actors Workout Studio in North Hollywood.

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Fallen Saints: Salem

Every year, Force of Nature manages to examine a different theme of the “Fallen Saints” concept, creating a unique, entertaining show with several layers of horror interlaced throughout its larger storyline. This year is no exception. And, in fact, this year it takes the emotional stakes up several levels, allowing audience members to experience the same kind of confusion, fear and rage so well developed in the characters.

The show effectively satisfies the sweet tooth of Halloween fans looking for a spooky treat along with theater lovers looking to plunge into the deeper layers of human darkness.

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Gray People (2019 Extension)

The storyline relies heavily on the ability of the three actors to carry out the right balance of personality and mystery, intensity and mischief, light and dark … and most importantly, everything in between. The actors not only succeed at this balancing act, but excel at turning a more subtle show into a rather intense experience.

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Fallen Saints: Dark

Force of Nature Productions' returns with the latest entry in the Fallen Saints series, with Dark, exploring all fears in a very intimate, intense way.

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