Non-Registered Critics: Joanne DiVito


Lysistrata Unbound

Farmanesh-Bocca, in realizing this movement piece with Associate choreographers Alina Balshkova, Jones (Welsh) Talmadge and NMA, engenders an inventive primal interpretation of life in war, which immediately impacts the audience. It both stuns and amuses the viewers who are trying to make right the inverted views of male prowess. The disciplined and explosive energy and sound of the performers are added to the muscular mix. Their legs move in unworldly animal-like movements to strains of strings and cello and haunting rhythms, with a background of intriguing sound designs accompanying the play from beginning to end. The sensitivity of the handling of sound, embellished the heart of the play. This excellent work was done by Adam Phalen and Farmanesh-Bocca.

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