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Cirque du Giselle

It was apparent that Aeriform Arts and the cast of Giselle put a lot of time into this production, and were able to showcase their skills and artistry. All of the individual acrobatic and aerial performances were fantastic, but they were unable to create and identifiable and clear narrative, doing a disservice to the story they were trying to tell. With any luck, future performances will truly allow their artistry and storytelling to shine.

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Darkness Comes Alive

For me, the art itself was truly the star. Covering Lakich's decades of work, each piece was a wonderment of neon and metalwork, all telling stories that strengthened the emotions generated by the audio tours. Being able to wander quietly through a master's domain was well worth the admission, but to hear new stories that were able to transform her beautiful art into something even deeper was truly delightful.

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