Audience: Joel Garcia


To Dad with Love: A Tribute to Buddy Ebsen

What a delightful evening! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Kiki's personal insights of her dad, the stories, songs, movie and TV clips, the ups and downs... all of which built to an excellent finale. We loved going down memory lane with her about Buddy, and learning so much more about him than we thought we knew. Kiki's a talented performer and storyteller, and the trio of musicians are terrific. The venue is intimate, which suits the show perfectly. We felt like part of the story, since we have so many memories of watching Buddy Ebsen in films and TV shows. I encourage all who admired him to see this tribute of him, warts and all.


    • THE ART OF DINING at the Gloria Gifford Conservatory
    • BEFORE with Pat Kinevane at the Odyssey Theatre
    • Nick Rubando for Congress - Fundraiser at Three Clubs
    • The Double V
    • La Vie En Rose with Julia Migenes

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