Audience: Joe Magnano


JOAN and WHAT DID THEY SAY - An Evening of One Acts

It was a great theater experience last week to see Wendy Winter's play, “What Did They Say?” It is the second half of “An Evening of One Acts” in North Hollywood. The characters are contemporary and well written. Truly, a modern American family trying to cope with various sexual identities and labels. There is a good balance between comedy and conflict. A delightfully sarcastic female character named Harper stood out and had the audience laughing over and over. All six actors are perfectly cast, and fun to watch as they maneuver through a Mother's Day family get-together that spins out of control. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but the ending made me chuckle on my way out of the theater and shed a whole new light on the story. This show is a must see.