Audience: John Conroy


Sight Unseen

This is an excellent staging of Sight Unseen. It's a dense play, crossing numerous time periods and hitting some heavy subject matter (albeit in darkly comedic and satirical ways). The direction of this rendition is outstanding, keeping the pace brisk and the flow smooth, while still allowing for emotional moments and themes to sink in. All 4 actors are great, in particular Jodi Dennithorne in the pivotal role of Patricia; "artist's muse" is a tricky character, especially in a story told through the eyes of a man since the ever-present male gaze tends to render those kinds of characters as two-dimensional. In Dennithorne's hands Patricia is utterly human and relatable, a complex, complicated, and flawed woman who nevertheless captivates. The magazine interview scenes between Jonathan (Adam Wasser) and Greta (Holly McKee-Clark) are another stand-out, injecting immediate and increasingly dreadful dramatic tension under a satirical, darkly comic sheen of pretension and style over substance. It's a fantastic performance of a great play, and one that will leave you thinking about it for a long time afterward.


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